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TYM Web-fed Hot Foil Stamping And Die Cutting Machine

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TYM1400JTM Automatic Web-Fed Hot Foil Stamping and Die Cutting Machine in One Pass

1)The TYM2-1400JT could finish die cutting and hot foil stamping process in one pass. 2)Saving 50% producing time and increase 100% producing capacity rate. 3)By the dual press system, this machine could also save much time for paper loading and delivery, cause the stamping and die cutting finished in one pass. 4)And also with the dual press system, the die cutting accuracy could be much higher as the paper was die cut immediately after hot foil stamping.  5)Compact design concept, fine assembly, good stability, safety, low noise 6)Worm gear, worm rod, crankshaft drive technology, high hot foil stamping pressure, long service life. 7)Air lifting chase locking makes chase fixing in much more stable, correct and time saving way 8)Adopt photoelectric color mark level control, to ensure accurate and stable paper, reduce waste. 9)Modular electrical control design, the use of imported international famous brand electrical components to ensure accurate control, good reliability. 10)Touch-screen man-machine interface, running real-time dynamic monitoring display, machine adjustment, troubleshooting convenient and quick. 11)Cycle cooling oil supply system to ensure that the machine moving parts with good lubrication, durable. 12)Regular quantitative automatic oil supply system to ensure that other moving parts of the machine fully lubricated, long service life. 13)Timing heating system is more convenient, humanized and saving time. 14)Automatic pressure adjust system, pressure adjust more accurate and convenient. 15)Automatic edge collecting function to ensure 3 smooth of paper, rewinding collected neatly stability of paper delivery 16)Prepare pressure control by automatic device control system. 17)Unwinding tension control by automatic device control 18)Correction edge system, first for prepare correction edge, second for accurate correction edge
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